"Progress always involves risks.  You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first."
~Frederick B. Wilcox


We have been long time believers that real estate is one of the best financial investments one can make for their future.  Just like any investment, there is always risk, but there is risk in doing nothing as well.

Becoming home owners and property managers long ago, we fell in love with the idea of helping others navigate the real estate and mortgage industry.

We will always be upfront and honest with our clients.  Our Philosophy is to Educate and Lead, not to Push and Pressure people into decisions.  Unlike many other agents, we will not mislead you with a lot of boasting, prideful statistics and unrealistic marketing about how we can sell your home for way above market in 30 days or less.  Sales Pitches like these are very common among agents and they do bait many people in.  Later down the road when things are not going as planned, clients must become realistic or not sell at all.  We will help you establish realistic expectations in the beginning, so that you are not disappointed or surprised.  We provide you all the data and tools we have available to us, in order to help you make the best educated decisions possible.  We are not in this business for a quick buck.  We love our clients and care very much about each one of them! Our goal is not to just help you through the current transaction, but we want to be your resource for all of your real estate and mortgage needs for LIFE!  

If you want Real Estate Brokers that love real estate and have the background knowledge to help you set goals and achieve them, then you found the right Real Estate Team in Tamara Dowd.  We are about listening to your long term real estate/financial goals and helping you design a plan to achieve those goals.  We want your business relationship for life and of course All of your referrals!